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  80+  digital Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Fitness, Nutrition & Self Care Recordings

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Digital Recordings


Yoga:                        Posture & Routine Videos &  15 min/ 30 min Yoga Routines  

Pilates:                     How to Demo Videos & 15min / 30min Pilates   Routines

Fitness:                     Monthly Challenges, 10 min workouts & 15/30  min Fitness  

Meditation:               Mindfulness & Meditation Techniques & Practices

Nutrition:                 Healthy Eating, Food Facts & Recipes Videos     

Self Care :                 Self Care for Mental, Physical &  Emotional Health 


   Collaborating Facilitators &  Agencies 2021                                

   Pilates/Yoga     Kasia Ferenczuk/Born To Move                  Yoga                  Lacey Powell/ Virality Content

   Fitness                Ro Fitness/Whitelabel Fitness Pro            Nutrition          Jacob Widleman/Whitelabel Fitness Pro

   Meditation         Lacey Powell/Virality Content                      Self Care          RC Consulting & Let’s Get Talking 

Digital Tools

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