A few years ago, Ronah Corcoran, a social care worker for 20 years, noticed an increase in burnout amongst her peers. Soon after, she suffered with post-traumatic stress after an incident at work. Supports available were limited, not easily accessible and non- carer focused in nature. She linked with mental health experts, interviewed hundreds of care workers and managers to research mental distress amongst care professionals.  In 2019, Carers Network Ireland was founded to provide in person wellbeing solutions to the Health & Care sector.  

CNI’s vision is to close the gap between carer needs and organisational needs resulting in healthier and happier workplaces which benefit both the carer and employer. 

In 2019, CNI carried out a successful pilot project providing in person supports and wellness workshops with over 100 care professionals in Galway. They involved Wellness activities such as Art therapy, Yoga and a peer -to -peer support group.

In 2020, following the success of the pilot, CNI began work on a digital wellbeing platform to include resources to carers and corporate wellness solutions to care organisations.  CNI commenced online wellness classes and workshops for several charities and community organisations throughout the pandemic. The most popular was its’ Self-Care workshop which included Gentle Movement, Mindfulness and Relaxation for Carers and was attended by family carers, nurses and social care workers.

A Digital Wellbeing Solution for the Health & Care Industry:

CNI digital wellbeing platform trials with carer groups  commenced  in May 2021 and included  live and static digital wellness elements. The platform provides free resources for carers and access to wellness, coaching and mental health expertise.

CNI already provides digital Wellness solutions to several State Agencies, Charities and Carer Groups. Off the shelve Wellness packages include Yoga, Mindfulness or Wellness Coaching. Bespoke wellbeing programs include a mix of wellness and mental health workshops, workplace initiatives and online supports tailored to organisations. In the pipeline are exciting collaborations with fitness, mental health and educational partners to provide further supports in the form of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Training, Nutrition, Pilates & HIIT exercise classes.

Ronah, the founder of CNI, has successfully attended several enterprise programs and won 3rd prize at the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Academy in 2018. The support received from attending the BNEST Social Enterprise Incubator in 2019 gave her the skills to develop CNI from an idea into a business. 

More recently she gained a place on the highly prestigious New Frontiers Enterprise Programme in the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology which is supported by Enterprise Ireland. She received mentoring and business supports and would highly recommend New Frontiers to other entrepreneurs looking to start a viable business.

CNI is based in Galway City and offers Wellbeing Services to Carer & Community Groups and Individuals.

For further information :

Ronah Corcoran


CNI took part in the highly prestigious New Frontiers Phase 2 Program in Galway. CNI were one of 14 companies selected for the Mayo & Galway Region and took part in the 6 month enterprise program.  

CNI developed a beta digital wellbeing platform to run trials with carers and careworkers during the program.

Thank you to New Frontiers & Enterprise Ireland for the mentoring, business & financial supports!