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Reset – Core – Strength

Back to Yoga Series REset – Core – Strength A beginner-friendly yoga course. Classes range from 15 to 30 minutes for you to squeeze in on your busy days of the week. With a focus on core strength, these classes will leave you feeling energised walking out from the yoga mat! Reset Core Strength Successful […]

How To Series

Back to Yoga Series How To Series Step-by-step yoga posture demonstrations of the most popular yoga poses. Build up your yoga practices with the foundation, then finish with the lovely Simple Beginner Flow. Namaste Standing Forward Bend Cat Cow Pose Child’s Pose Hamstring Stretch Cobbler’s Pose Bridge Pose Seated Twist Cobra Upward Facing Dog A […]

Seated Twist

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Bridge Pose

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Cobbler’s Pose

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Hamstring Stretch

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