CNI Wellness Items & Services

Digital E-Planners         Abundance, Life and Health Planners  (3.99)

Digital E-Guides           8 Ways to boost your metabolism, 10 most useful supplements, emotional eaters guide, Ketogenic Diet, Healthy                                                        Mediterranean Diet, The rules of weight training, 10 ways for weight loss, Meditation, Yoga, Home Workout Guides,

                                      ( 2.99)                    

Digital E-Books           Yoga Chakras, Yoga Power Poses, Recharge your body, Top Nutrition Tips, Arthritic Pain Relief,

                                     The Gratitude E book, Daily Affirmations, Best Version of Yourself, Anti Aging Super foods, Top Immune Boosters,

                                      Natural Detox, Juicing, Natural Skin Care, Stress Relief Strategies, Personal Trainer Tips,  (Price 4.99) 

Digital E-courses         Stress Relief Strategies E- book plus templates ( and others above)     (  9.99)

Tabata E- Course         8 week self taught Tabata course                                                            (24.99)

Digital  Platform         Wellness Platform with Yoga, Pilates, HIIT , Nutrition, Meditation & Self Care & Mental Wellbeing Arenas

                                     Interactive elements via Community Forum, Monthly Challenges & Webinars (7.99 pp)

Online Classes             Individual & Group Yoga, Chair Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness                         (8 pp/ 50.00-70.00 p/hour)

Online Coaching         1 to 1 Wellness Coaching                                                                             (50.00 per session)

Online Workshops      Workplace Mental Health Awareness, Resilience, Self Care Workshops      (200 euro per workshop)

Webinars                     A variety of Health & Wellness Webinars                                                       (Free of Charge


Yoga Challenge

Mindfulness Challenge

Workout Challenge

10.000  daily step Challenge


Download a yoga or mindfulness challenge

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