Stress & Burnout are the most common issues experienced by care professionals. Proven Meditation styles to support us include Visualisations, Mindfulness, Breathwork & Muscle Relaxation Meditations. Discover Meditation Practices and how practicing meditation can help us in our own recovery.

Meditation introduction


Relaxing Meditations

 Quick & Easy Breath Meditations, Stress Relief & Muscle Relaxation Meditation Videos 



Mindful Meditations

A mindful Mix : Mindful Mantra, Walking, Thoughts, Breath, Self Kindness,Love & Happiness & Mindfulness Mini Classes

Mindfulness Mini Class – (11 min)-Breath, Bodyscan, 54321 Exercise for Anxiety
Mindfulness Mini Class- (10 min) Self Compassion,STOP/RAIN exercise, Guided Meditation

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