Visuals CNI at Thomand Park with SEI, in Limerick with BNest (Socal Impact Ireland), CNI Pilots and Projects 2019-2022 

Carers Network Ireland Updates

Partnership Announcement CNI & Helplink Mental Health

CNI & The Euvnoia Project (in collaboration with MEAG)- Dec 2022

CNI participation at ARISE Galway Event by Portershed & WRD- Nov 2022

The founders of CNI, Bounce Back Recycling and Teen Turn were delighted to be invited as panel speakers at the ARISE event organised by Portershed and WRD. This event was to highlight social  enterprises in the West and was a great success.

BuySocialIrl Event Galway– Nov 2022

Our CEO Ronah Corcoran and Director Mike O’Reilly attended a GRD/GCP event to promote social enterprises in Galway. The event took place in Oughterard, lots of connections were made and it was a super event!

CNI Digital Platform-Phase 1- Sept 2022

The first phase of our new digital platform ‘the carer hub” was opened to our members. It hosts 6 carer wellbeing areas, a forum, an event section. The wellbeing areas are financial, social, mental, physical health , self care and mindfulness. It will be launched to the wider community in 2023. Additional Mental Health training and wellness programmes are planned for the future.

CNI ARISE Project Completion- June 2022

Over the last 5 months, CNI have been involved in the awareness raising initiative for social enterprise project, funded by DAF.

Our Project included a care pack postal campaign to 500 Care Settings , a Wellness Event for Carers , a Social Media Campaign and a Video Campaign showcasing 15 social enterprises and social enterprise supports in Ireland.

 The 10 Social Enterprises that were showcased via video were: 
Alex’s Adventure, Active Connections, Trauma Responsive Education, Connections Arts Centre, Byowave, Let’s Get Talking, Sprei Nua, Westside Age Inclusion, Jobs for Family Carers & Carers Network Ireland. 

The 5 Social Enterprise Expert Supports highlighted were:
Ailish Irvine Training, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Closer Network, Rethink Ireland and Social Impact Ireland.

A special thanks to our 3 volunteer videographers Colin Sutherland, Eoghan O’Carroll and David Guerrero who supported  us with the filming of 8 of the videos  with the  cork and dublin campaigns.
Thank you to everyone  who took part, engaged and sent lovely messages of support! 
 This project was approved by government with supports from the Dormant Accounts Fund.

2nd  Wellbeing Platform Pilot-April 2022

Our second pilot on our upgraded intuitve digital wellness platform for Carers has commenced . It will provide individuals in a care role  three months access to our Platform with 6 Wellness Areas,  Digital Tools   & 24/7 Technical Support. 

The Wellness Areas host 100+ Recordings: Yoga & Pilates classes, Meditation audios,Healthy Recipes, Self Care Videos,Fitness Challenges & more. It also provides 20+ digital tools in the form of wellness journals, templates and  e-books. 

The pilot will run between April and July 2022 with participants  in a variety of care roles. 

The feedback received will help CNI determine future development of services & supports to individuals in a care rol


CNI announced as grant awardee of ARISE, Dormant Accounts Fund-Dec 2021


Carers Network Ireland is delighted to announce that it has been awarded 8,874 euro to create awareness raising intitiatives around social enterprise in Ireland. The CNI Initiatives include a social media information campaign. Another initiative is a  postal care pack campaign to staff in a variety of social care settings and includes supports posters, CNI information leaflets and  some marketing and wellness  supports. A video campaign will schowcase a number of social enterprises who are creating social impact . It will also highlight social enterprise expert organisations that support  social enterprises in Ireland via funding, expertise and training.The CNI ARISE campaign will conclude in the summer with a Wellness Event  as part of Carers Week. 

The CNI ARISE Inititiatives will run from February to June 2022.

This Project is supported by Government via the Dormant Accounts Fund.



CNI  are thrilled to announce that they are an awardee of the SE start up fund by Rethink Ireland. 

Carers Network Ireland can continue the development of our digital wellness solution for the social care sector.

This funding will enable CNI to create a strategic plan  and impact report & increase carer supports and services.

Thank you Rethink Ireland from all of us at Carers Network Ireland!   




 CNI is delighted to announce our new website which hosts a new look, extensive resources and a  shop. 

Over the summer, we  linked up with several Health & Wellness content writers/experts and are thrilled to showcase over 35+Wellbeing  E-books, E-Learning Guides and E-Courses which will provide an important revenue stream for CNI. 

This will enable us to increase our services and supports  to Individuals in a caring  role.  

The materials on sale include nutritional e-books, wellness &  personal development e-learning guides and  a fitness course. 

Thank you to Minh, our digital specialist & GMIT student, who has been instrumental in the beautiful layout of the website.





A few years ago, Ronah Corcoran, a social care worker for 20 years, noticed an increase in burnout amongst her peers. Soon after, she suffered with post-traumatic stress after an incident at work. Supports available were limited, not easily accessible and non- carer focused in nature. She linked with mental health experts, interviewed hundreds of care workers and managers to research mental distress amongst care professionals.  In 2019, Carers Network Ireland was founded to provide in person wellbeing solutions to the Health & Care sector.  

CNI’s vision is to close the gap between carer needs and organisational needs resulting in healthier and happier workplaces which benefit both the carer and employer.

In 2019, CNI carried out a successful pilot project providing in person supports and wellness workshops with over 100 care professionals in Galway. They involved Wellness activities such as Art therapy, Yoga and a peer -to -peer support group.

In 2020, following the success of the pilot, CNI began work on a digital wellbeing platform to include resources to carers and corporate wellness solutions to care organisations.  CNI commenced online wellness classes and workshops for several charities and community organisations throughout the pandemic. The most popular was its’ Self-Care workshop which included Gentle Movement, Mindfulness and Relaxation for Carers and was attended by family carers, nurses and social care workers.

A Digital Wellbeing Solution for the Health & Care Industry:

CNI digital wellbeing platform trials with carer groups  commenced  in May 2021 and included  live and static digital wellness elements. The platform provides free resources for carers and access to wellness, coaching and mental health expertise.

CNI already provides digital Wellness solutions to several State Agencies, Charities and Carer Groups. Off the shelve Wellness packages include Yoga, Mindfulness or Wellness Coaching. Bespoke wellbeing programs include a mix of wellness and mental health workshops, workplace initiatives and online supports tailored to organisations. In the pipeline are exciting collaborations with fitness, mental health and educational partners to provide further supports in the form of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Training, Nutrition, Pilates & HIIT exercise classes.

Ronah, the founder of CNI, has successfully attended several enterprise programs and won 3rd prize at the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Academy in 2018. The support received from attending the BNEST Social Enterprise Incubator in 2019 gave her the skills to develop CNI from an idea into a business. 

More recently she gained a place on the highly prestigious New Frontiers Enterprise Programme in the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology which is supported by Enterprise Ireland. She received mentoring and business supports and would highly recommend New Frontiers to other entrepreneurs looking to start a viable business.

CNI is based in Galway City and offers Wellbeing Services to Carer & Community Groups and Individuals.

For further information :

Ronah Corcoran 

Phone: 0862324099




CNI took part in the highly prestigious New Frontiers Phase 2 Program in Galway. CNI were one of 14 companies selected for the Mayo & Galway Region and took part in the 6 month enterprise program.  

CNI developed a beta digital wellbeing platform to run trials with carers and careworkers during the program.

Thank you to New Frontiers & Enterprise Ireland for the mentoring, business & financial supports! 

CNI participates in Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Action Pad 2020

CNI was chosen for the  4 month SEI Action Pad as it was deemed one of 13 social enterprises likely to pivot during the pandemic.

 CNI brought all their existing services online while working on a new platform &  supporting carers.

Thank you SEI for your support!

SEI Action Lab Booklet 2020 

CNI taking part in the BNest Showcase 2019 

BNest, the first dedicated Social Enterprise Incubator, is an initiative created specifically to support social entrepreneurs nurture their start-ups, and caters to all types of organisations from charities to businesses with a social conscience. On Tuesday, March 12, BNest are holding their Bnest Showcase 2019 to highlight these enterprises and the substantial progress that has been made with the help of BNest, as well as to allow others to view the real social impact that each individual organisation is having on the broader community they are serving.

Since September 2016, in partnership with Nexus Centre UL, BNest have been running a six-month programme in which emerging social enterprises learn how to get their new organisations off to the best start by focusing on key areas related to developing their enterprises, in terms of business, social and personal aspects.

Eamon Ryan who founded and self-funded BNest said, “We are the first fully-fledged social incubator in Ireland, and the idea was to create a peer group which shared experiences that could help one another. BNest has been given a home by the University of Limerick, where participants have access to the full facilities of the Nexus Innovation Centre. The venture is being philanthropically funded for three years at a cost of about €20,000 per programme, while participation is free for the enterprises selected. Last year, nine enterprises completed the programme, and there are another eight enterprises taking part in this year’s programme.”

At the BNest Showcase 2019, the graduates will showcase their enterprises which are achieving real social impact across the Midwest, dealing with various issues from mental health to the environment. Eamon adds, “These passionate people have worked on their projects for the past 6 months and we are excited to invite you to join us for a showcase event, where you’ll learn more about each of the projects and meet the people behind them.”

In addition to the display booths, a short informal presentation will be made by each enterprise.

The Limerick Gateway to Education was also involved with the BNest Incubator last year. Founder, Suzanne Roche said, “I took part in the BNest Incubator programme last year, and its content and ongoing support for our project has continued to be invaluable. When I started the project in 2012, I was very much on my own, it’s a fantastic programme as you have on the spot follow up if issues arise. A great programme to get involved in, if you’re a start-up.”

 Extract of Carers Network Ireland involvement in BNEST Incubator:

            3.Carers Network Ireland

CNI’s founder Ronah Corcoran spent many years caring for the most vulnerable. Recently she decided to shift her focus to providing care to her peers. CNI addresses increasing mental health issues in the care sector, by providing workshops, events, individual supports and by creating a supportive community.

CNI  takes part in BNEST Incubator  Program 2019

We are delighted to be taking place in the BNEST Incubator Program where we will receive 

social enterprise mentoring, training and supports.

 Thank you for an invaluable experience. BNest  changed their name to Social Impact Ireland in 2020.


CNI wins 3rd prize in the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Academy 2019

CNI is delighted to receive 3rd prize in the academy pitch competition, securing 2000 euro funding for Carers Network Ireland. 

We had a wonderful experience  meeting other incredible social entrepreneurs  while gaining valuable  insights from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland during this 6 month program.

Thank you for your support, SEI!


CNI secures a place in the Social Entrepreneurs  Ireland Academy 2018/2019

CNI is thrilled to be chosen to take place in the 6 month SEI Academy West Enterprise Program where we will receive social enterprise, mentoring and training supports for our start up social enterprise Carers Network Ireland.


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