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Our WHy

The Problem:

Care professionals  experience double the level of mental health challenges than other individuals and half of all work related injuries in Ireland.

Care Agencies struggle with high costs and staff attraction and retention issues.

Our Vision:  

An Ireland where  care professionals are nurtured, empowered & supported in their care role. 

Our Mission:  

To  empower  care professionals  via Supports, Resources &  Wellness Solutions  to tackle carer distress and improve quality of care. 

Watch us Grow

Our Journey

CNI was founded in 2019.  In person supports and wellbeing programs for carers and carer groups commenced in County Galway. 

CNI pivoted from an in person wellbeing solution to a digital one. It provided carer support agencies  with free wellbeing solutions during the pandemic while bringing its own  services online. Workshops and Classes were delivered via Zoom and Information services were provided via social media, email and phone.

CNI is developing  a One Stop Shop Digital  Wellbeing Solution aimed at the Social Care Sector.  General Information and Resources were shared via our Website, Phone and Email and workshops were delivered via Zoom. A E-store was added to Website and Wellness Pilots were being carried out on a seperate platform, linked to our website.

Intuitive Elements were added to our pilot platform in 2022 to ensure a more user friendly experience. Carer Feedback was collated and  an external provider will host our platform going forward. Our first phase of our digital solution, a  Carer Community Hub will launch in July 2022. 


Get to know us

the Team

Ronah Corcoran

Former Care Worker

Georgina Mc Hale

Child Care Manager

Micheal O'Reilly

Director and Secretary
Family Member Rep

Michelle Halpin

Board Member
Social Care Worker

CNI Expert Advisors & Digital Content Partners

Laura Condon


Pro Writer Plus

Health Articles


Digital Wellness

Kasia Farenczuk

Functional Movement Specialist

Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness Expertise

Ro Little

Fitness Expert

CNI Organisational Partners

Our Supporters :

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