About CNI

Ronah Corcoran

CNI Founder , Social Care Worker & Holistic Therapist

Michael O'Reilly

CNI Secretary, accounts manager

Social Enterprise advisors

Eamon Ryan, BNest Founder

Kasia Zabinska, BNest advisor

Volunteers ;)

Social Media Volunteers

Ann, Anna, John, Caroline, Maurice, Dammy, Lyndsay, Susan & so many more!!


Art therapy-Vicky  & Helen

Sound Healing-Michelle 

Reiki, Yoga & Relax- Ronah

Indian Head Massage- Susan

 & More to be added soon!

Thank you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the volunteers  who  are supporting CNI  

in one way or another.

We could not do it without you.


CNI Mission, Vision and values

CNI Vision & Mission


Vision- Network, Resources and Wellness Supports for Care  Professionals.

Mission- To create a space where care workers can share, support and empower each other. To support positive mental health for care workers. An Ireland where care workers are valued and recognised for their contribution to Irish society.

Experience and Professionalism


CNI  is made up of car e professionals who specialize in  wellbeing  & mental health supports. Avail of t 1 to 1 supports &classes    .Check out our Online   forums & library, CNI meetups and link s section.

CNI Care about You!


Do you experience stress, burnout  or just  want to connect with others living the care worker life? Do you want to learn new tools to deal with stress, trauma and difficult behaviour? CNI was created by Care workers for Care Workers to find ways to support our physical &mental health.


Our Supporters