CNI Information

Ronah Corcoran CLg t/a Carers Network Ireland, Company Nr 642027

Services available

Individual Support

Empowering & Supporting Each Other

 Avail of our email service,  online forums and mental health  library 24/7, you can get supports when it is convenient for you. 

 Check out  in  person supports  , classes & workshops, updated  regularly. 

Friday  Walk In Clinics  between 10-12pm, Westside Resource Centre, Galway

Wellness Activities

Physical Exercise

We will support you in building a healthier you. Check out our regular Wellness activities such as Yoga, Self Care & Relaxation, classes. Want some individual advice?  Get in touch to  get your free 30minute consultation by emailing us at

Care Worker Network

Peer to peer support

When you choose CNI, you join a  supportive care  worker community. CNI has been created by care  professionals for  care professionals. CNI offers wellness, resources and networks to support you in the valuable work you do. Help us make a difference.

Our Supporters